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Division of radiotechnical measurements №14

State primary standard units for the complex dielectric permittivity in the range frequencies from 1 to 178,4 GHz (GET 110-2012) and   Special state standard for the relative permittivity unit of liquid, solid and gaseous dielectrics in the range of 10 Hz-10 MHz  (GET 121-2015)

Major directions of activity

  • Reproduction, keeping and transferring of relative permittivity and loss-angle tangent units and to working standards, verification of high-precision means that measures dielectric parameters in the frequency range of 10 – 107 Hz and 1 – 10 MHz
  • Testing of dielectric testers
  • Specification of dielectric parameters of perspective materials for metrology and new technologies
  • Development of Standard Reference Data (SRD) on dielectric properties of materials in the range of frequencies and temperatures including cryogenic materials
  • Development of new types and approved types of dielectric permittivity standard samples
  • Development, expertise and certification of measuring procedures of dielectric parameters
  • Development of  norms and specifications on dielectric measurements
  • Microwave water content measurements of materials
  • Basic and applied research in cryoelectronics, supraconductivity, ultra low-noise microwave oscillators
  • Participation in international intercomparison of dielectric permittivity standards
  • Elaboration of National special standards of dielectric permittivity and loss-angle tangent

Acting Head of Division: konvert-email Egorov Viktor Nikolaevich
Tel. (3952) 46 80 40