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    Major achievements

    • Development and proper operation of the reference standard GEVCh of the RF with frequency error no more than 2 × 10 -14. Gaining the status of The Second Standard Base of Time and Frequency of the State service of time and  frequency
    • Development of Special state standards for the relative permittivity unit  of liquid, solid and gaseous dielectrics GET110-77 и GET121-80
    • Development of the National primary standard of the unit of relative gas humidity GET 151-80
    • Gaining the status of the State scientific metrological center as a part of VNIIFTRI and the State center of Testing of measuring means
    • Development of the Josephson-effect secondary Volt standard
    • Realization of the project «Astrolyabiya» of Russian-Chinese cooperation in  fundamental astrometry and geodynamics
    • Development of the National Standard of Time and Frequency of Mongolia
    • Integration of the astrogeodynamic observatory into the International Service IGS for purposes of geodynamics and the regional environment monitoring network of the Baikal rift
    • Development of working standards of gas humidity «Sever-1» и «Sever-2», «Rodnik-2M» for gas-producing and gas-transportation companies
    • Development of atomic time and frequency standards «Cezij-3» и «Cezij -3M»
    • Development of equipment of signal-forming of accurate time and standard frequency for the  Moscow and Angarsk radio-transmitting centers
    • Production engineering of control of           antenna dome uniformity according to dielectric permittivity
    • Development and experimental research of the highly sensitive method for measurements of dielectric properties of thin-film materials in the frequency range of 15-40 GHz
    • Development and reality check of time sequence models of the Earth rotation parameters that permits to make the high-precision forecast of the Pole coordinate values
    • Routine observation of stellar transmission and acquisition of satellite signals for purposes of the Earth rotation parameters determination that develops long-term  and homogeneous sequences of data
    • Experimental data acquisition on nitrogen humidity (a molar part of moisture) in the range up to 4,0 MPa and at the saturation temperature from -10 0С to -50 0 С for acquisition of the Referenced data on multiplying coefficients of moist gas
    • Conferment of title of «The Honoured metrologist of  the Russian federation» to four specialists of the branch

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