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    Secondary standard of the DC voltage unit VET 13-14-05

    • Name - Secondary standard  of the DC voltage unit VET 13-14-05
    • Purpose – Keeping of the DC voltage unit and transferring of the unit size to first- echelon working standards, verification and calibration of working means of measurements: generated voltage, voltage and          voltage calibrators of accuracy class from 0,000005 to 0,0002, voltmeters and measuring transducers of accuracy class from 0,00005 to 0,0002
    • Certification Approval  Year - 2005
    • VET is according to the class of secondary standards by GOST 8.057-80 «State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Measurement standards» and 0-echelon working standards by GOST 8.027-2001«State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. The state verification schedule for measuring means  of DC and generated voltage»
    • Rating value - 1.018 V
    • Metrological characteristics of the standard:

    Mean-square deviation of calibration results of

    the secondary standard against the reference standard or

    the standard of D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology………………..no more than  5×10-8

    Mean-square deviation of error of transferring the unit size to

    1-echelon working standard and means of measurements…………… no more than  1×10-7

    Relative instability of the reference standard for 1 year …….…..…… no more than  3×10-7

    • The standard consists of:
      • Quantum passive instrument of Josephson-effect voltage with chip KR 10-16 and control system of voltage characteristics  and  selection of voltage step
      • Group of four saturated standard cell saturated standard cells in the thermostat (Х489) and supplementary standard cell Х482
      • Passive instrument of DC voltage MN-3 on the basis of a glow-discharge voltage regulator
      • phase-locked  high-frequency generator G4-142, electronic digital frequency meter ChZ-54  with frequency converter block YaZCh-88, frequency converter Ch5-13,          frequency synthesizer Ch6-31 and phase-lock quartz-crystal oscillator Ch1-40
      • Commutator, voltage comparator R3003 and measuring instrument for calibration of voltmeters and voltage calibrators B1-18
      • Cryogenic and additional equipment

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    Вторичный эталон единицы постоянного электрического напряжения ВЭТ 13-14-05