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    GPS/GLONASS base station

    The East-Siberian Branch of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» has a permanent GPS/GLONASS base station in Irkutsk. The station is intended to provide customers with continuous measurement data of space navigational systems GPS and GLONASS in high-precision measurement mode at interval to 1sec. data access is possible in real-time mode via FTP-Internet.

    The station is equipped by the two-frequency code-phase-locked receiver Legacy-E GGD based on PC-View software. The receiver Legacy-E GGD is supplied with 5 MHz external-signal from the secondary standard of the National Standard of Time and Frequency. Measurements are being taken without interruption for 24 hours. Raw results of measurements are accumulated at 1 sec-interval for an hour, and then the file of raw data is achieved and transferred to the FTP-server. Size of one zip file is 220-250 KB for a in interval of 15 sec. and 2,5-3 MB for an interval of 1 sec. Period of holding data on the server is 1 month.

    The station is located on the territory of the astrogeodynamic observatory of the East-Siberian branch of FSUE «VNIIFTI» and occupies one of the highest ground on the south of Irkutsk.

    The base station is among principal stations of the global network of the IGS Service (international GPS-service for purposes of geodynamic) and is used in the mode of continuous monitoring since 2001. The receiver is based on the special bridge tower rigidly bound with parent materials. Results of GPS/GLONASS measurements are daily networked into operating and analytic centers of the International Geodynamic Service (the IGS Service).

    At present, access to raw data received at Irkutsk base station is paid. Authorized access mode is used. For obtaining real-time access to raw data accumulating by on-line Irkutsk base station it is necessary to make a contract with the East-Siberian branch of FSUE «VNIIFTRI».

    If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: logp@niiftri.irk.ru or tel. (8-395-2) 46-38-53.

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