Federal Agency
in Technical Regulation and Metrology


E  A  S  T  –  S  I  B  E  R  I  A  N      B  R  A  N  C  H    of

  • the main metrological center of the State service of time, frequency and the Earth rotation parameters determination (SSTF)
  • the State scientific metrological center
  • the State scientific center of the Russian Federation

The East-Siberian branch of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» is an autonomous structural subdivision of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» and acts in accordance with The Rules of FSUE «VNIIFTRI», The Branch Regulations and russian legal system.
The major aim of foundation of the East-Siberian branch is carrying out of technical-scientific activity of measurement assurance either in the territory of Eastern Siberia or the whole country.
The branch was founded by the Enactment of the Government of the USSR and in accordance with The Order of The State Committee of measures, standards and measuring means of the USSR (State Standards Committee of the USSR) №115 from 29.06.1965 based on Irkutsk Laboratory of Time and Frequency in Irkutsk city as the East-Siberian branch of Federal State Unitary Enterprise «National Research Institute for Physicotechnical and Radio Engineering Measurements» (FSUE «VNIIFTRI»). The East-Siberian branch became a separate East-Siberian VNIIFTRI (EB of FSUE «VNIIFTRI») from 1985. And in accordance with The Order of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» №143 from 10.10.2007 an economically autonomous structural subdivision of EB of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» was found.
At present, the East-Siberian branch carries out basic and applied researches of measurement assurance. The branch fulfills works on industrial and residential supply of metrological productions and services, carries out a complex of researches and developments on high-precision equipment for time-and-frequency, radiotechnical and gas humidity measurements, takes part in the Federal Target Program on maintenance maintenance and development of Research-and-Technology Base of Standards.
The branch participates in international cooperation, key and supplementary comparisons of national standards between Russia, Finland, USA, Japan, Great Britain, China and other countries.
The East-Siberian branch establishment of the Metrological Academy affiliated with the branch was established and has worked. In the branch a professor, four honoured metrologists of Russia, two active academicians and five corresponding members of the Metrological Academy of Russia.

The Training Centre of the East-Siberian branch of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» in accordance with the license for educational activity (series 90Л01 №0000925, registration number №0864 from 15.10.2013) gives personal and expert-metrologist training courses.
The East-Siberian branch of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» as a part of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» has the status of the State scientific metrological centre and the State Centre for Testing Measuring Instruments. The branch also performs functions of the Siberian metrological centre of the State service of time, frequency and the Earth rotation parameters determination.

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